Just how crazy am I…

Pretty, crazy I guess.

I am a Big city west coast yuppy living in a small east coast town, and like most parents I don’t have enough time for anything, but have to do everything…

The lumberjack and the handful (literally a handful of kids!  1 for each finger!) are the loves of my life.  I live on a farm, own my own business, telecommute for a company on the opposite coast, and have a third job besides.

I ❤ Volbeat and Squirrel Nut zippers, Johnny Cash and Johnny Depp.  I am an old school retro girly girl ( I refused to wear pants as a child) that has been forced into Jeans and t-shirts.  But that is all about to end!  I have decided that I am at the point in my life where I really don’t give a flying fig whether people look at me strange or not…  I’m going to wear my heels, my bright red lipstick and my big poofy skirts, and walk with my head help high!



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