is an interesting journey, where one never knows where it’s going to lead.    I have been thinking lately how I might want to start writing again, chronicling my journey through uncharted waters and the dips and turns life takes and how we get where we are.

At times I have sugar coated my life, I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t want to see the truth of it, or I didn’t want others to see the truth of it.  I have over-shared at times and under-shared at others (is that even possible in our modern day world of technology, social media and the internet?).  I have thought about privacy issues, mine, my children’s, and my significant others.  How what I might write could possibly affect how others see me, my business, and who knows what else?  The mind is a deep and wonderous place once you start wandering down the rabbit hole of what if’s…

My mother has encouraged me to start writing again, if  only for her own reasons (she always dreamed of being an author).  But I am not interested in pursue-ing writing as a career.  God knows I can’t spell worth a darn ( thank you google spell check!) and my grammer is atrocious!  But I feel the need, a calling from inside to put down something, a way to share and possibly connect with others who also feel as if they are a small  boat bobbing along in the great big seas of life, looking for kindred souls and those who might understand the craziness we put our selves through in an attempt to find happiness and peace in this crazy turbulent world.  So I am ready to share my journey yet again…


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