Aphrodisiac Party

I’m sure you’ve all been invited to those “parties” where really your  friends want you to come and buy stuff so that they can get free stuff? or make some extra money ( if they are the rep)?  And you know those parties that sell the adult toys?  and it’s usually a bunch of middle aged women sitting around eating penis shaped foods?  Yeah, you all know the ones I’m talking about.  Well, we had one of those, but ours was a little different.  See, a friend of mine recently became a rep for Passion parties which meant we have all taken turns hosting a party which means we have all taken turns going to each others houses, drinking wine, snacking on penis shaped foods and passing vibrators around politely touching them to our noses, licking things off our own arms, and sniffing each others elbows…

When it was my turn to host the go round  I thought maybe it would be nice if the menfolk could come too, I mean why not?  Guys like sex, guys like robots, and they were getting a little sick of being left at home while all of the ladies met up.  But I didn’t think penis shaped foods would be quite appropriate for this mixed lot.  And I didn’t feel like making a bunch of boobie shaped foods either.  It took me forever to decide what to do and then it hit me!  Aphrodisiacs!  It’s sexy, it’s something men and women would enjoy, and it’s educational (I’m just a big nerd at heart!)  And…. It was a hit!  The girls loved it, the guys loved it, the party rep adored it.

The menu was fairly simple finger foods, savory snacks and desserts, most of which were super easy and some which could be made ahead, the only last minute thing we had to do was the deep fried spicy chicken.  I didn’t take pictures at the party, but I do have the menus ( food and drink) and the little cards I made up about the aphrodisiacs to share.  I strew the little fun fact cards about the table, but I think they would be good blown up and taped to the wall above the table or printed on both sides and hung on a strings over the food as well as a chandelier type thingy (I’m not so good with the artsy decorative stuff).  ( Sorry, it’s hard to read on the images, Printable PDFs of the menus and signs are included at the bottom of this post)aphrodesiac menu

I like to only serve one type of liqueur at a party several different ways ( it’s cheaper this way and just as fun)  And of course I center it around my favorite, The Captain as often as possible!

aphrodesiac party drinksAnd little signs of all of the aphrodisiacs offered and what they do / why they’re aphrodisiacs!aphrodesiac signs_Page_4
aphrodesiac signs_Page_1 aphrodesiac signs_Page_2 aphrodesiac signs_Page_3


So next time you need to host one of “those parties” why not serve aphrodisiacs instead of little penises?  and let the guys come along too? (I have to say this party and the 1st one we all went to were the most fun, probably because it wasn’t the same ole’ same ole!)

aphrodesiac signs

aphrodesiac menu

aphrodesiac party drinks