Pinterest fail: shaving cream Easter eggs

Seemed like a great idea, but then it just wasn’t…

Kids had a great time, but also made a huge mess, and the eggs looked like maybe I had thought about misting them with color.

At the end of the day this is what happened to our eggs…

. yep, the age old color tablet dyes. Tallman answered my text of failure and brought some home with him after work.

Inspired by

pinterest shaving cream eggs *apparently pinterest has changed how you can add pins.


Rainbow cake Love

Rainbow cake success! rainbow cake success

I pulled a little bit of info from 4 pins plus some knowledge I already had to make it work.

Step 1: To make the cake batter  use 2 boxes white cake mix + 1 large instant vanilla pudding.  Mix these together and then followed the directions on the box. This will yield 16 servings, or 32 1/2 slice servings (which would still be plenty!)

Step 2: Divided the batter into 6 bowls using approx. 1 1/3 cups batter per bowl.

Step 3: Start mixing your colors using gel food coloring.  I used the Betty Crocker regular and neon colors. To get the colors vibrant you will need to use a lot of food coloring, about 1/2 a tube per color. I used red, neon orange, yellow, a mix of the green and neon green, blue, and neon purple with a touch of neon pink (purple food coloring on its own always just looks dirty to me, the pink pops the color up).

Batter before the cake

Step 3: Bake your layers,  take a little bit of time off of the recommended cooking time because you made 3 layers per box instead of 2.

Step 4: Let cool then wrap with plastic wrap and freeze over night.  This step is very important so your cakes don’t break when you ice them! wrap each layer in plastic wrap and freeze overnight

Step 5: Start Icing.  I used 5 5! tubs of white frosting for this cake and put very thin layers of icing. Make sure to stir each tub of icing before you start suing it, this lightens the frosting up and makes it easier to spread.  This cake is deceptively huge! Layer your cakes in rainbow order, just remember ROY G. BIV (without the v!) with a thin layer of icing between each layer. 

Step 6: Put a thin (crumb coat) of icing around the whole cake and then pop it into the fridge for a few hours.  This lets the first layer of icing set, keeps the cakes cold and firm to make icing easier so they don’t start sliding all around and keeps crumbs out of your final layer of frosting.

Step 7: Put your final coat of icing over the whole cake and pop it back in the fridge.  You can be done at this point, or add decorative icing finishes as I did after this layer sets up and hardens.

striped piping bag

Step 8 (optional): Add decorative icing.  To get the rainbow stars and piping effect stripe your pastry bag with the gel food coloring before you add in the frosting.  Don’t go crazy with the decorative icing here or the cake will look a mess, you are just going for an accent, the real star of this cake is the layers inside.  Put the cake back in the fridge when done. All Decorated with rainbow stars and piping

Serving the cake:  Do not bring this cake out of the fridge until you are ready to light the candles and cut and serve, and plan on cutting quickly!  The warmer the cake is when you slice it the harder it will be.

Rainbow cake

 Use a sharp knife ( I used a large chef knife and a bread knife successfully)  Between each slice wipe the knife off well or your colors will mix on the edges of the cake and it will look bad.  Also any extra frosting cake on the knife will make it harder to cut cleanly.  I sliced this cake into 16 pieces, and each piece was huge!Rainbow glow candles on a rainbow cake

How to cut:  cut across the whole cake making 2 halves.  then cut 1 of those halves in half. then that 1/4 in half and then each of those slices in half.  Then start removing pieces.  slicing this cake 1 slice at a time like a normal cake will just give you a big headache and a big mess!

5 sliced of cake left!

Rainbow cake was inspired by these 4 pins:


Pinterest inspired: Ice cream slices

The cookie cutter thing is cute, but I’m sloppy and It just didn’t work for me. Plus my girl loves Neapolitan Ice cream and wanted everyone to get all the flavors. This took about 5 minutes to do and yielded 12 healthy servings from a 2 quart container of Ice cream.

Step 1: Line a pan with plastic wrap. line a pan with saran wrap
Step 2: unfold your box of ice cream completely, so you just have a brick of ice cream. Byrne Ice cream box unfolded
Step 3: slice your ice cream into 4 slices. slice Ice cream evenly
Step 4: lay 2 Ice cream slices end to end.
Step 5: lay the other 2 ice cream slices on top in a way where the flavors are staggered.layer ice cream slices
Step 6: wrap in the saran wrap tightly and return it to the freezer till serving time. wrap ice cream tightly.
Step 7: Slice into 12 pieces (slice in half 1st, then in 1/2 the opposite way to make a + sign, then divide each square into 1/3rds).slice your ice cream

Easy Peasy and quick to serve. Ice cream slice and Rainbow cake

Sliced Ice cream was inspired by this pin:

Pinterest Inspired: Birthday party craft

Sharpie mugs

You know that point when planning a birthday party and you’re staring at the aisles of junk at your local party store / Walmart/ dollar store?  Yeah that one.  When you realize you are about to throw good money at a bunch of stuff the kids are going to love and take home and their parents who are going to immediately hate you for sending more crap into their homes and promptly throw it away as soon as the kid isn’t looking (admit it, you do it all the time, broken toy = trash, crap from a party = trash, excess candy from who knows when = trash).   Yep that one.  Well a few years ago I decided I wasn’t going to send crap goodie bags home from parties anymore.  I would send the kids home with something they might actually use and their parents wouldn’t hate.  So this party I had the kids decorate their own mugs.  Even the big guy joined in on the fun.Making a mans mug  I already knew this pin worked because the kids all made one for grandma for Christmas.  Super simple and cheap.  I picked up $1 cups at the local variety store but you could buy them from any big box retailer for under $3, (we used one of those for grandmas cup last December).

made a mistake?  Rub it off. The only other materials you need are sharpies to more colors the merrier!  If you are doing this at a party try to have duplicates of each color, and more than 1 market per child coming, (they can share, but it helps if everyone isn’t waiting on a loan red market).

Must use a SHARPIE markerNOTE: you must use Sharpie brand permanent makers for this to work!

 Plus the projects pretty forgiving, if a mistake is made rub hard enough and the marker will come off.  when you are happy and done, simply bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and take out and let cool and then you are good to go!

The birthday girl.I have sent these through the dishwasher and hand-washed them before without the baked on marker coming off.

Project inspired by this pin:

Source: via Robin on Pinterest

Bacon Roses & Bacon Hearts: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Nothing says Valentine’s day like Roses and Hearts, and Bacon always makes everything better, so why not combine the two?

This is super easy ( much easier than you would ever think)

I use the cheap on sale grocery store bacon for this, regular sliced.  I think I payed $2.50 for the lb I used for tonight’s dinner.

for Bacon Rosesbacon roses

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

2. Lay bacon out on cookie sheet, and cook for 5 minutes. lay bacon on cookie sheet

3.  carefully pick up each piece of bacon and flip it over, if it is sticking a little use a knife or spatula to loosen.  cook for another 5 minutes.flip it over

4.  Take bacon out and roll each piece up, for rose-buds firmly roll into a slight cone shape with the meaty side towards the top putting the end of the bacon piece down on the cookie sheet , for rosettes, roll   slightly loose overlapping the whole way and again lay on the cookie sheet with the end down.  bake another 5 minutes. roll it up

5. Carefully remove and cool.  If you want to make a bouquet once cooled attach to a skewer with tinfoil.  I am just putting rosettes and rose buds on the plates as a little festive decor. yum!


For Bacon hearts:bacon hearts atop mashed potatoes

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

2.  fold bacon into a V shape, and then fold the ends back down towards the center, making sure there is no holes in the center of the heart. Bake for 5 minutes. fold bacon

3. carefully flip bacon over again using a spatula or knife if it is sticking slightly.  Bake another 5 minutes.

4.  Again flip the bacon hearts over carefully and put them back in for 5 more minutes.  The flipping will help prevent the bacon from curling up and changing shape.

5. remove from pan and plate!  bacon hearts



Boys rooms

When I can’t do I plan. And plan and plan.

january 008

We are all eagerly awaiting moving into our new home.  The little ones especially are all super excited about their new rooms.  My 2 boys currently share a room with an angled ceiling, no closets, and a footprint of a mere 7 feet x 9 feet (63 square feet) which is smaller than many closets!!!  I had to literally build custom furniture into the room piece by piece in order to give them a place to sleep, a place to hold their clothes and room to walk in and shut the door.  I did the best that I could, but the reality is that it is a super tight space for one child let alone 2 especially a  a tweener (#1) and a crazy rambunctious 8 year old(#3).  Not to mention that I think they have the smallest wardrobes of any boy in the county and it’s still hard to find a spot to put it all.  So we have been planning their new rooms.

This will be the first time since #2 came along that #1 will have his own space and #3 has never ever had his own space before.  They are both excited but the thing that I find amusing is that when #3 describes his new room to everyone the first thing out of his mouth is that he will have “the smallest room”.  Yeah, he’s right but the fact of the matter is that his new room, the smallest room is over twice the size of his current shared room and bigger than the master here at the farm!

I have decided to give each child a say in their rooms to a point, and based on their age.  The littlest one the least amount of say and the oldest the most.

The Plans:  ( and we all know plans change! ) Nothing, and I mean nothing will be purchased until we move in and then I fear my credit card will melt from the amount of stuff I will have to buy simply because they don’t have anything!

Both boys will be taking with them their mattresses and plastic totes with their clothes, that is all that is removable from his room.

#1’s room:

Source: via Robin on Pinterest


I have decided to give him quite a bit of say in his room, and knowing him he is going to want to do a lot of it himself ( this one is a real hands on kinda guy) he would paint his own room, sew his own curtains and built furniture if I would let him!  The only thing is he is not so good at watching details and taking time and care and gets super frustrated when things don’t come out perfect so I won’t actually be allowing him to do all that.  He also has HUGE ideas and I have a tiny budget!

He will need: a desk, a chair, a bed frame, a dresser or two, and shelves and bookcases galore!  Oh, yeah and a closet

He is going for a rustic, woodsy, log cabin, camping type theme.  I have shown him how to pin things on the internet and set up a board on my pinterest for him to add things to and given him budgets for certain items.  $200 for a bed, $100 for a complete bed set (bedskirt, comforter/quilt, and pillow sham) or $60 for just a comforter/quilt.

I will be giving him certain items that have been sitting around in farm storage that I inherited for his room as well, a claw foot desk, and my father and grandfathers decoy duck collection.

He has requested hardwood floors in his room.  And has found the bed of his dreams on ebay, a rustic timber framed number. ( Okay I found it he described it to me and I found 5 options and one of them he fell in love with.

For his bedding he didn’t like anything I found, but once he started looking he picked things I never would have based on what he told me he wanted, so once he narrows that down, we can figure out wall colors ( he has asked for blue walls… but we will have to see after his bedding selections are complete).

I am thinking of putting a high shelf around the room for his decoys and some well placed floating shelves for his trophys, art pieces, and ever growing collection of books.

Because so much $$ will be going towards his dream bed and new bedding, and hardwood floors, everything else in his room will be sourced used, at auction, on the internet or from the Tall Man’s belongings that are gathering dust at his parents house.

I am hoping that this room will last him till college with minimal changes ( possibly a new bedspread at some point or change of wall decor)

#3’s room:

Source: via Robin on Pinterest


This room despite his complaint’s that it is the smallest I think is going to be AWESOME!   He has already said he wants to keep his current comforter (which is only 2 years old and has been rarely used in his postage stamp room) and full of bright vibrant colors motion and movement which is just like him!  Plus he is so easy going and never gets anything new or just for him almost anything I do he would be overjoyed with.  ( I guess that’s the problem with being the younger boy in a their fathers family in which the oldest boy and 1st borns are kings, and the exact middle child 0 you aren’t a bog kid nor a little kid…)

He will need a bedframe, a dresser, a closet, and some where to read and draw.  And a closet.

He has requested carpet and his current bedding which is a vibrant sports theme.  I am thinking that  I am going to go with black wooden furniture in this room to not add any more color and paint the walls the light green  accent color from the bedding.   That will allow me to put up some great artwork or wall vinyls with out getting to busy and to keep it clean as well as childish and easy to adapt as he grows older and his tastes change.  I am assuming that this room will be needing an update in around 4 – 6 years as he outgrows his childhood and becomes a teenager.