Rainbow cake Love

Rainbow cake success! rainbow cake success

I pulled a little bit of info from 4 pins plus some knowledge I already had to make it work.

Step 1: To make the cake batter  use 2 boxes white cake mix + 1 large instant vanilla pudding.  Mix these together and then followed the directions on the box. This will yield 16 servings, or 32 1/2 slice servings (which would still be plenty!)

Step 2: Divided the batter into 6 bowls using approx. 1 1/3 cups batter per bowl.

Step 3: Start mixing your colors using gel food coloring.  I used the Betty Crocker regular and neon colors. To get the colors vibrant you will need to use a lot of food coloring, about 1/2 a tube per color. I used red, neon orange, yellow, a mix of the green and neon green, blue, and neon purple with a touch of neon pink (purple food coloring on its own always just looks dirty to me, the pink pops the color up).

Batter before the cake

Step 3: Bake your layers,  take a little bit of time off of the recommended cooking time because you made 3 layers per box instead of 2.

Step 4: Let cool then wrap with plastic wrap and freeze over night.  This step is very important so your cakes don’t break when you ice them! wrap each layer in plastic wrap and freeze overnight

Step 5: Start Icing.  I used 5 5! tubs of white frosting for this cake and put very thin layers of icing. Make sure to stir each tub of icing before you start suing it, this lightens the frosting up and makes it easier to spread.  This cake is deceptively huge! Layer your cakes in rainbow order, just remember ROY G. BIV (without the v!) with a thin layer of icing between each layer. 

Step 6: Put a thin (crumb coat) of icing around the whole cake and then pop it into the fridge for a few hours.  This lets the first layer of icing set, keeps the cakes cold and firm to make icing easier so they don’t start sliding all around and keeps crumbs out of your final layer of frosting.

Step 7: Put your final coat of icing over the whole cake and pop it back in the fridge.  You can be done at this point, or add decorative icing finishes as I did after this layer sets up and hardens.

striped piping bag

Step 8 (optional): Add decorative icing.  To get the rainbow stars and piping effect stripe your pastry bag with the gel food coloring before you add in the frosting.  Don’t go crazy with the decorative icing here or the cake will look a mess, you are just going for an accent, the real star of this cake is the layers inside.  Put the cake back in the fridge when done. All Decorated with rainbow stars and piping

Serving the cake:  Do not bring this cake out of the fridge until you are ready to light the candles and cut and serve, and plan on cutting quickly!  The warmer the cake is when you slice it the harder it will be.

Rainbow cake

 Use a sharp knife ( I used a large chef knife and a bread knife successfully)  Between each slice wipe the knife off well or your colors will mix on the edges of the cake and it will look bad.  Also any extra frosting cake on the knife will make it harder to cut cleanly.  I sliced this cake into 16 pieces, and each piece was huge!Rainbow glow candles on a rainbow cake

How to cut:  cut across the whole cake making 2 halves.  then cut 1 of those halves in half. then that 1/4 in half and then each of those slices in half.  Then start removing pieces.  slicing this cake 1 slice at a time like a normal cake will just give you a big headache and a big mess!

5 sliced of cake left!

Rainbow cake was inspired by these 4 pins:


Pinterest inspired: Ice cream slices

The cookie cutter thing is cute, but I’m sloppy and It just didn’t work for me. Plus my girl loves Neapolitan Ice cream and wanted everyone to get all the flavors. This took about 5 minutes to do and yielded 12 healthy servings from a 2 quart container of Ice cream.

Step 1: Line a pan with plastic wrap. line a pan with saran wrap
Step 2: unfold your box of ice cream completely, so you just have a brick of ice cream. Byrne Ice cream box unfolded
Step 3: slice your ice cream into 4 slices. slice Ice cream evenly
Step 4: lay 2 Ice cream slices end to end.
Step 5: lay the other 2 ice cream slices on top in a way where the flavors are staggered.layer ice cream slices
Step 6: wrap in the saran wrap tightly and return it to the freezer till serving time. wrap ice cream tightly.
Step 7: Slice into 12 pieces (slice in half 1st, then in 1/2 the opposite way to make a + sign, then divide each square into 1/3rds).slice your ice cream

Easy Peasy and quick to serve. Ice cream slice and Rainbow cake

Sliced Ice cream was inspired by this pin:

Bacon Roses & Bacon Hearts: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Nothing says Valentine’s day like Roses and Hearts, and Bacon always makes everything better, so why not combine the two?

This is super easy ( much easier than you would ever think)

I use the cheap on sale grocery store bacon for this, regular sliced.  I think I payed $2.50 for the lb I used for tonight’s dinner.

for Bacon Rosesbacon roses

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

2. Lay bacon out on cookie sheet, and cook for 5 minutes. lay bacon on cookie sheet

3.  carefully pick up each piece of bacon and flip it over, if it is sticking a little use a knife or spatula to loosen.  cook for another 5 minutes.flip it over

4.  Take bacon out and roll each piece up, for rose-buds firmly roll into a slight cone shape with the meaty side towards the top putting the end of the bacon piece down on the cookie sheet , for rosettes, roll   slightly loose overlapping the whole way and again lay on the cookie sheet with the end down.  bake another 5 minutes. roll it up

5. Carefully remove and cool.  If you want to make a bouquet once cooled attach to a skewer with tinfoil.  I am just putting rosettes and rose buds on the plates as a little festive decor. yum!


For Bacon hearts:bacon hearts atop mashed potatoes

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

2.  fold bacon into a V shape, and then fold the ends back down towards the center, making sure there is no holes in the center of the heart. Bake for 5 minutes. fold bacon

3. carefully flip bacon over again using a spatula or knife if it is sticking slightly.  Bake another 5 minutes.

4.  Again flip the bacon hearts over carefully and put them back in for 5 more minutes.  The flipping will help prevent the bacon from curling up and changing shape.

5. remove from pan and plate!  bacon hearts



How NOT to make your Thanksgiving pies

The plan, to make a pumpkin and an apple pie for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, today.

step 1 – Procrastinate: Wake up intend to make pies at lunch time.  At lunch time be so busy working and keeping the peace with the handful decide to wait till the afternoon, in the afternoon decide it is to hot from cooking all day and decide to wait till the kids go to bed, play on Facebook and not actually get started on any pie sort of prep till after 8 (when all the stores closed till Friday).  Try to convince Grandma she wants to make the pies, she does not.  Sigh, and get started.

Step 2 – Hardware:  Discover that you only have 1 pie pan that is accessible and the other 4 are all packed away in a box somewhere or other…  So you can only make 1 pie, unless of course you would use a bread or cake pan to make a pie – this idea is vetoed by Grandmother repeatedly.  So decide that you will make a pumpkin pie and serve sliced cinnamon apples  as a side instead of in an apple pie for dessert.  Also decide you will make an apple pie next week for #1 who is going to wake up very disappointed to find no apple pie!

Step 3 – Filling Ingredients: Pull out the can of pumpkin pie mix and read instructions, look for the can of evaporated milk that the can says you need only to discover that you don’t have any, but you do have not 1 but 3 cans of condensed milk.  Consult the internet, no they are not  the same and can not be substituted for one another.  Consult the internet and look for evaporated milk substitutions find buttermilk (which will give finished pie a tangy flavor), half and half (for a rich pie) and all sorts of options using other items you don’t have – powdered milk, soy milk, almond milk, decide to just mix whipping cream and milk and see how it goes.  Realize you have no idea where the mixing bowls are and use a cooking pot instead.

Step 4 – Pie crust recipe: Remember that all the cook books are packed.  Also remember that Tall Man is picky with pie crusts and the only one you have ever made that he truly liked was your great-grandmothers recipe. Ask Grandma for the recipe – shocker she did not bring a copy of it cross-country with her for her visit.  Search email for recipe, finally find it under pie dough (really Grandma?  Dough?  Not crust?).  

Step 5 – Pie crust assembly:  I have all the ingredients, woo hoo!  While opening the can of shorting Tall Man rubs some of it on your nose,  go to retaliate and get scolded by Grandma for bothering him when he’s not feeling well…  Again use a pot to mix the “dough” in.  Realize the pastry cutter is also packed and grab a fork.  Pull out the cutting board to roll out the crust and realize you also have no rolling pin and grab a McDonalds  Shrek drinking glass for the job.  It looks a mess, but it will have to do!!!

Step 6 – Baking: Put the misshapen pie crust in the lone pie pan, dump the filling on the crust – making sure to splash it all down your shirt in the process, and throw it in the oven praying that in 55 minutes you will have a pumpkin pie that looks good enough to eat and tastes good to boot!  (at least you know that the pie crust passes Tall Mans taste test!)

Great Grandmothers pie crust recipe


perfect pre-hurricane dinner: Octopuses and Shells

Aren’t I a genius?

pre-hurricane dinner

Well, maybe not a genius, but after chasing cows, securing for the storm, baking cupcakes and the Tall man working late tonight seemed like a good idea to me!

2 boxes kraft mac and cheese shells (plus milk and butter as per directions) 

1 package Hebrew National beef hot dogs. (mustard optional for eyes)

1.  Put a pot of salted water on to boil.

2. While the water is boiling cut the  hot dogs in half  vertically so you have 2 pieces, then slit them half way up making 4 legs and then cut each leg in half.


3  Once water reaches a boil throw the hot dogs in for 3 minutes, watching the legs curl and stirring gently, then remove using tongs or a slotted spoon and set aside.

4.  Cook the Mac and cheese according to package directions.

5. Serve and enjoy!

Columbus day Crepes

Whenever I am making Crepes for the Handful I feel like the fish surrounded by seagulls in Finding Nemo…

I guess, I should take it as a compliment that they love them so much! Nah, they are probably just all starving by the time I get up to make them on lazy days home from school…

Our super easy Crepe head that no one can resist

Set a cast iron skillet on the stove to heat up while you…
Blend together:
3 cups milk
4 eggs
a spoonful of sugar
a quick drizzle of oil (about 2 tbsp)

add to blender:
2 cups AP flour

Blend till combined.

Take a stick of butter and run it over the skillet till lightly coated then pour in batter to coat half the pan and swirl till pan is coated, flip, once then remove from pan and rub with butter, sprinkle on a spoonful of sugar and roll ’em up!

Hmm, it is much easier than it sounds, next time I make them I’ll take a video…