closet bar frustration

The lone closetThis old house came with exactly 1 closet ( in the little girls room). And 1 under the stairs storage area.  I understand closets weren’t a big thing in the 1890’s but according to modern standards a bedroom must have 3 things. 1) a door. 2) a window. and 3) a closet.  So really we have a 1 bedroom – 2 bath – 2404 square foot home. … Really?  So closets are being put in in all of the rooms that I am calling a bedroom, and if I ever sell the house I will put a closet in the office as well.

My contractor is installing closets in all of the kids rooms, and putting a functioning door on the one existing closet.  I however am installing closets in teh Master bedroom because I want them to have the look of built in’s not modern day closets.  It has been a very interesting progression.  1st I had to level the floor where the closets are going, then make the blanket box and bed, and now finally I am ready to start work on the closets themselves, a his and a hers.  But the one piece of information I can not find any wheres is at what depth do I place the closet rod ?


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