Industrial look window coverings

A very affordable window covering that gives a modern industrial look.   And very easy to custom size to fit any window under 36 inches wide and shorter than 72 inches long.  And very easy for the beginner DIYer or home owner, and a great look for renters who are wary of putting holes in their walls!

inexpensive modern industrial window coverings


Each window will require 1 Redi shade blackout 36×72) shade (available at Lowes, Walmart, Amazon, etc. for between $5 – $8 – I got ours at Walmart for under $6.) and 2 bulldog clips size 2 – 5/8 inch (around $4 – $6 depending on where you buy them).  Other materials  you will need are a tape measure, a sharp blade (Exacto knife or box cutter type) and a straight edge to cut against.


Measure each window on the top and the bottom, and measure again.  Find the measurement that is the smallest and measure it again!  there is no such thing as over measuring!  Now subtract 1/4 inch from that measurement.  that is the width you are going to cut your Redishade to.

measure here

Using your knife and straight edge carefully cut through the shade making several firm but shallow cuts (make sure you are using a sharp and clean knife) until you have cut through the shade.easy, inexpensive DIY

Now hold the blind at the smallest area of the window to verify it will fit.  remove the sticky backing and press firmly in the center of the upper window making sure the cut edge is facing the window.  Press firmly along the length of the blind and then let it fall into the open position.

Redishade open positionNow it is time to trim to length if the shade is billowing out of your window casing.  start by taking off 4 pleats.  you can do this with scissors or by carefully ripping along the seam as I did again making sure the cut edge faces the window.  continue taking off 4 pleats at a time until the shade hangs nicely.quick modern industrial

When the window shade is down place bulldog clips on the bottom to anchor it in place.  When you want to open the shade pick your desired height and place the bulldog clips at that point.  When in the open position angle your bulldog clips into a hanging position for a cleaner look.

down or closed position


Another great thing about these shades is that they really do block all the light darkening a room nicely, and they keep the cold out that always seems to seep through the windows in the wintertime!

redishade blocking out the light and the cold

* But what about the clips that came with the shade?  Throw them away!  Use them for clothespins, or to match socks, or give them to a kid to play with.  Just don’t put them on the shade or you will have a whole different kind of look going on!




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