Pinterest inspired: Ice cream slices

The cookie cutter thing is cute, but I’m sloppy and It just didn’t work for me. Plus my girl loves Neapolitan Ice cream and wanted everyone to get all the flavors. This took about 5 minutes to do and yielded 12 healthy servings from a 2 quart container of Ice cream.

Step 1: Line a pan with plastic wrap. line a pan with saran wrap
Step 2: unfold your box of ice cream completely, so you just have a brick of ice cream. Byrne Ice cream box unfolded
Step 3: slice your ice cream into 4 slices. slice Ice cream evenly
Step 4: lay 2 Ice cream slices end to end.
Step 5: lay the other 2 ice cream slices on top in a way where the flavors are staggered.layer ice cream slices
Step 6: wrap in the saran wrap tightly and return it to the freezer till serving time. wrap ice cream tightly.
Step 7: Slice into 12 pieces (slice in half 1st, then in 1/2 the opposite way to make a + sign, then divide each square into 1/3rds).slice your ice cream

Easy Peasy and quick to serve. Ice cream slice and Rainbow cake

Sliced Ice cream was inspired by this pin:


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