Pinterest Inspired: Birthday party craft

Sharpie mugs

You know that point when planning a birthday party and you’re staring at the aisles of junk at your local party store / Walmart/ dollar store?  Yeah that one.  When you realize you are about to throw good money at a bunch of stuff the kids are going to love and take home and their parents who are going to immediately hate you for sending more crap into their homes and promptly throw it away as soon as the kid isn’t looking (admit it, you do it all the time, broken toy = trash, crap from a party = trash, excess candy from who knows when = trash).   Yep that one.  Well a few years ago I decided I wasn’t going to send crap goodie bags home from parties anymore.  I would send the kids home with something they might actually use and their parents wouldn’t hate.  So this party I had the kids decorate their own mugs.  Even the big guy joined in on the fun.Making a mans mug  I already knew this pin worked because the kids all made one for grandma for Christmas.  Super simple and cheap.  I picked up $1 cups at the local variety store but you could buy them from any big box retailer for under $3, (we used one of those for grandmas cup last December).

made a mistake?  Rub it off. The only other materials you need are sharpies to more colors the merrier!  If you are doing this at a party try to have duplicates of each color, and more than 1 market per child coming, (they can share, but it helps if everyone isn’t waiting on a loan red market).

Must use a SHARPIE markerNOTE: you must use Sharpie brand permanent makers for this to work!

 Plus the projects pretty forgiving, if a mistake is made rub hard enough and the marker will come off.  when you are happy and done, simply bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and take out and let cool and then you are good to go!

The birthday girl.I have sent these through the dishwasher and hand-washed them before without the baked on marker coming off.

Project inspired by this pin:

Source: via Robin on Pinterest


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