Girls Rooms

My 3 girls #2, #4, and #5 all currently share the same room.  It is a tiny l shaped thing, but it does have a closet which is rare in an old farmhouse.   The problem in that room is that their is no way to fit 3 twin sized beds ( even bunks) in the room  because of the placement of the slanted/angled ceilings,  the window, closet and door.  So 2 of the girls ( ages 3 and 6) are still sleeping on crib mattresses.  Their also is no room for dressers so those are in the upstairs hall which means little girl clothes are everywhere.

When we first discussed moving all the kids and I agreed that #2 and #5 should share a room still because #2 is her little mommy and takes care of #5 when they go to their fathers.  but what was almost 2 years ago when the little one was 1 and #2 was 7, now as a big 9 year old she wants her own room.      At the new home I could give everyone their own room,but then I wouldn’t have an office ( and I work from home) and 1 child would not be near anyone else, so 2 of them will have to share, and I’ve decided it will be the littlest 2, yes I could add a wall and make 2 smaller rooms, or put up a wall and turn the open loft toyroom into a proper room, but that did not seem like the best option to me either ( especially since one of the rooms is HUGE!)  so that’s how it’s going to be.


She currently has a twin mattress and a gold leaf topped dresser.

This little girl asked for a fairy bedroom,   and pink.  I was a bit worried that she would outgrow this theme very quickly and started asking questions.   She    wants everything painted pink light pink, dark pink, sparkly pink, etc. Oh yeah and a gymnastic mat for a floor ( which is not going to happen).

Somehow I ended up with a free evening when she was the only one home so the 2 of us went window shopping.  And I got a TON of new info!   She wants fairies but not Disney Tinkerbell.  She wants pink, but out of the 500 paint samples she picked up at Lowe’s in her final  pile everything was very pale very true pinks.   At Lowe’s she also picked out a pink flowered ceiling fan at first, but then conceded she would be happy with a crystal chandelier.      We then headed over to Walmart to look at the linens and fabrics.   She found a Zebra print pillow she loved (she had never even mentioned zebra before!)   and then perused the fabrics, I had her point out all the ones she liked.  I found out she likes everything pink and floral, that polka dots make her dizzy, and she loves the colors in several paisley patterns, but hates the look of paisley.  She wants breezy see through sparkly curtains, and won’t mind little pops of yellow, green and blue in the room.

So the plan.   #2 is actually going to be moved from her twin bed to a full sized bed with a wrought iron bed frame that we already have.  A closet will be added into her room, as well as a crystal chandelier, and we will be  putting in a vanity with a chair for this very girly girl, some shelves to hold her teapot collection, and a 2nd dresser with a nightstand.  The walls will be a light pink most likely with a chair rail and a darker color below, a faux window looking out into a fairy woodland scene will go up on one of the walls, and breezy pink curtains with embroidered sequin details and something mirrored somewhere in the room.



The little girls new room is HUGE!  And they will be taking in it with them, umm, nothing.  It is way past time for both of them to get off of crib mattresses and into twin beds.  and the dresser they currently share is broken and been repaired so many times I don’t think it can be repaired sufficiently again ( but I’ll try!).

The request from #4 was purple, her favorite color and little #5?  Owls she loves owls.  I will also be adding Monkeys for #4.    I have looked everywhere for owl and monkey bedding and curtains that would work.  The problem I am running into again and again is that all Owls are in forest themes with forest animals and all monkeys are in jungle themes with jungle animals which doesn’t really bother me, as long as I could find colors that coordinated or crossed over to tie the room together.  But that does not seem to exist.   I will find owls with pink and monkeys with green, or I will find owls with the colors of fall ( deep yellows, oranges and brown) and monkeys with bright summer colors ( blues and green and bright yellows) that don’t even remotely go together.   So I have come up with a solution  Vinyl wall art.  I can take 2 or 3 different scenes and peice

them together to create one that will work well for both girls.

So they will each be getting a twin bed with some kind of headboard and maybe a canopy, a huge wall mural and a dresser for each of them.


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