Still at the old farmhouse

Well, we all get busy at the holidays right?  Add to that normal craziness a house full of kids off of school for 2 weeks where everything is boxed up waiting for a move that has been dragging on forever, a very busy grandmother from the other coast who has flown in and all her stuff, my insane thought that I could get all the boys stockings done before Santa came (more on that later) , and trying to figure out how to involve the Tall Man and his family in our holidays and us into them.  So when I say it’s been busy I mean it!  Oh yeah and 2 feet of snow got dumped on us too!

So since we are still here and January is my super slow month, (I basically have the month off from 1 of my jobs) I have started planning.  Planning the kids rooms, planning the master room, thinking that I need new dishes, watching youtube how to videos, an ungodly amount of HGTV fix it shows and visiting stores both online and in person just to see what they have when the time comes to get things done, since most likely by then I will be super busy again with everyday life stuff.

Why are we still at the old farmhouse?  It’s a loooooooong story, one I will be happy to fill you in once we are moved, but I just can’t before then because to many things are still up in the air and my future (home) depends on it.





Anyone know how to make a 3 year old go to sleep and not mess around for hours every night after lights out?


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