Pinterest inspired: felt Christmas tree

Since our move got postponed yet again, and I am not about to be the Grinch on the 3rd big holiday this year with the decorating and such we are doing Christmas as usual and if we get to move before Christmas day we will just take it all down and move it with us!  And since I was home alone with laryngitis and didn’t feel like doing much it seemed like the perfect time to catch up on my dvr recordings and make one of those cute little felt trees that I have been seeing all over Pinterest  (and here and here and here I think you get the point – it is everywhere!)

I started with 1 yard of green felt from Walmart ( $3.97)

3 sheets of felt ( $0.23/ each) and left over felt from Halloween costumes.

It was super simple to do!  First fold your green tree felt in half long ways, then I free-handed the tree cut out using this as a template .

Template for tree

I like this look better than the big triangle.  I added a tree stump by hot glueing a square of brown to the bottom of it and attached it to the wall with velcro squares.

Then I started working on the ornaments, I decided to limit the amount of colors so it didn’t get to crazy to 5 and went with a christmas ball of each color, 2 lights of each color and then a random shape of each color and used an alternate color to accent everything.

Overall it took me about 2 hours for this project, and soon as the kids realized that it could be re arranged when they got home from school they have been at it ever since!

TIPS:  If you have a dog do NOT do this on  the floor ( or a cat for that matter) the felt is a magnet to their hair.  Put the animals outside, clean the floor, then get started

TIP 2: While it is really cute on the kitchen wall behind the table,  it is quickly becoming a pain in the but!  This is something everyone else seemed to realize instinctively , If  the tree is higher than your little one can reach you will have to help them constantly!  My older ones were having a good time playing with #5 all afternoon but now that everyone is at school and it’s pre-schools off day I have been playing tree decorating all morning – she can only reach halfway up the tree on her own!


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