The great stocking challenge of 2012

So a few days before Halloween after all of the costumes were done, I decided that this was the year I was going to make new Christmas stockings, specifically Bucilla felt applique stockings like the one I had as a child.  I told myself it would be no problem to get 7 or 8 of them done before Christmas eve, that I would work on them 1 at a time for a few hours each evening while the Tall Man played video games, or we watched some TV, maybe for a few minutes here or there during #5’s naptime or at Pre-school…  and probably do about 1 a week.

Now almost 4 weeks later, I have just finished the 1st stocking!  Oh, my goodness these things take so. much. time!  I would say I easily put in 80 hours on just one of these things and I wanted to get them all done, I must have been insane, the new goal is to get the boys done this year so Tall man has a stocking and the kids don’t feel left out that he got his first, and to do the girls for next year, so instead of 7, well 8 since everyone felt I needed to do one for Grandma too, the new goal is 3.  Maybe, maybe I can get that done.   But let me get back to telling you about the 1st one  (and the only 1 done so far) and probably the trickiest one to order!

I wanted to get a stocking that fit each persons personality and after finding the perfect stocking for #1, #2, #4 and #5, and Tall Man looking on and picking his own, I was struggling with #3’s, I wanted all the boys to have a Santa on theirs so no one felt left out or that it wasn’t fair, (this came about as I realized that Tall Man and #1 both had Santa’s) and I had seen a stocking that would have been perfect for #3 but couldn’t find it anywhere, everyone was out of stock.  Upon further investigation I found out just why everyone was out of stock, it had been discontinued in 2007…   Ebay however was my savior and I was able to get it.

I started eagerly on the stocking and then realized how long they were going to take.  So even though none of you will probably be doing this exact stocking a few things I realized along the way would be helpful regardless of which one you do.

1st thing is the VERY first thing you need to do is cut out the entire front of the stocking.  The instructions are extremely clear on not to cut out any pieces until it says to, but it never tells you to cut out the stocking front ( I have found this is true on the 2nd stocking I started as well)

The 2nd thing is that polyfill is NOT included, also at least with this one pipe cleaners would be helpful but also not included.

and the 3rd things are instructions specific to this I had an extra piece that I still have no idea where it went, I was never told to put Rudolfs nose on,  and I was short on black and blue embroidery floss ( by a lot  not just an inch or two…)  I used feet more than I was given…

Also it is good to know you are given plenty of sequins, I lost one the 1st night working on it and panicked that I would be short, I think Tall Man and I spent a half hour looking for it worried that the kit had included an exact amount.

Voila!  #3’s new stocking!!!


Love this type of stocking but don’t want to spend all your free time making one?  Etsy has a plethora available if you have the bucks…


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