On the bright side..

Well this has been a really horrible week, I was supposed to close on the farm on Tuesday and got a call as I was walking out the door that my loan for the new place wasn’t going to close on time – or at all…

I took my car into the shop from the Halloween deer indecent and was told it was a very good chance that it would be totalled out and I wouldn’t get it back…

I spent 8 hours driving what should have been 2…

And everything is a HUGE mess…

The whole house was packed I have no idea when or if the lender will fund my loan, and how I am going to come up with the cash for a new car and a new house at the same time!

But on the bright side the grown isn’t covered with snow yet, I get to drive a brand new 2013 this weekend while we await the fate of the car and my Mom will be here Monday morning for the thanksgiving holidays!


Always looking for the positive in life, yep that’s me!


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