Still waiting…

Source: via Robin on Pinterest


Well, we are still waiting for the big move day, I swear I have never been through a real estate deal, handled a real estate deal or even heard of a real estate deal that has been as messed up as this one where none of the parties have asked for something extreme or tried to back out at the last-minute…

I am sure it is because the sale of the old house is a non-traditional sale being part of a divorce and judged ordered and having no purchase contract or new loan associated with it and such, but really it has  reeking havoc on my stress levels!!!

The house is feeling very small and cluttered what with winter temps settling in for a nice long stay and o more outside play, with boxes stacked here and there, boxes stacked everywhere, and the simple not knowing when it’s going to be done, we have a new date we are all shooting for and I sure hope it works out or else I don’t know what we will be doing…  I will be slowly going insane though that I do know.

So I have been trying to keep busy by working on  Christmas stockings, I figured if I worked on them every-night I could get all 7 (!) done by Christmas…  I am now having 2nd thoughts as It’s been almost 2 weeks and I’m not even done with 1, and I am seriously now considering if I can work on it during the day with a wide awake and helpful ( do you hear the sarcasm dripping off my voice?) 2-year-old?  It is just a recipe for disaster but I need to get them done somehow…

Oh and I’m still wasting my time on Pinterest, come and follow me there if you dare!


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