My 11 year old is smarter than me…


Well, on some things he is.  #1’s mind is like a sponge, he reads constantly and seems to actually file it all away for later use.

The other day when we were heading to an appointment, he commented how he is weird, which led to a conversation about how everybody is weird in one way or another especially middle school kids, and examples of this.  That kids can be and are cruel, it’s just part of middle school life, how they call each other names and say mean things, and that in time it will stop, he just has to be strong and confident in who he is and not try to change for anyone.  I explained how I had tried changing for people and ultimately failed myself.  I explained how I use to care what others thought of me and would adjust my outward persona to accommodate my thoughts of what they wanted and how that sucked, and how I still catch myself doing it sometimes and shake my head and say ‘what am I doing?”, but now I’m just rambling and getting off point, so back to why he is smarter than I am.

I used examples of how I am weird and one of them was that I laugh when people get hurt…  Well what did he do?  He gave me a scientific explanation of why I do that!!!!  Something about the parietal cortex of the brain and how we humans think pain is funny when it is not to serious…  and here I was all these years just thinking it was a nervous reaction!


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