Frankenstorm: preparedness

Now I am not one to jump up and down yelling the sky is falling the sky is falling, aka Chicken Little, rather I just go with the flow and figure everything will all work out in the end, I mean people survived for hundreds of years with out emptying the shelves out in Walmart, with out having not only a generator, but a BACKUP generator, but then again they also didn’t have the internet and advanced weather notice…

So today after dropping all 5 of the Handful off at their respective schools I decided i better play along and get some basic supplies, I mean I had to go and buy coffee and trash bags anyways since we ran out yesterday afternoon, what would it hurt getting a few candles and a working flashlight as well?

But that was easier said than done! Even though we are far from the brute force that Sandy the hurricane and her friends Nor the Nor-easter and Art the arctic blast should collide, the mythical “they” are saying we could lose power for a week.    …   Yep, a week of no power.

So probably some candles would be in order  Well, apparently everyone else had the same idea, our small town = completely sold out of batteries as of yesterday.   So I headed where everyone does in a natural disaster, yep that’s right!  Walmart!

Walmart still had batteries, and flashlights (well if you consider $30+ headlamps flashlights) and 1 loan pen light for $5, someone must have missed that one, but that’s the one I got 🙂  I also meandered over to the candle aisle and thankfully only half of those shelves were bare, the ones that contained tapers, pillars, and everything that smelled remotely good.   So I got some nice stinky candles and tealights as well, in Christmas colors to boot!  Yeah me!

Other than that I gave Lowe’s a call and got put on the waiting list for  a new generator ( since all farms actually DO need one of these and mine bit the dust in our last flood last summer, and being the well prepared person I am and broke like all typical farmers it just didn’t see the urgency to replace it, even though my mother has been reminding me at least once a week  since then to do it…)

And I bought coffee, and trash bags, and hair ties, and cupcake making supplies because Frankenstorm or no, #4 will turn 6 tomorrow!!!


6 thoughts on “Frankenstorm: preparedness

  1. Firstly, happy b-day to number for. My number two will turn 6 in less than 2 weeks.
    I am with you on the storm stuff. Of coure, we should make some preperations. However, it feels like the newspeople are going crazy and the panic (they call it concern) is seeping into everyone else.

  2. You must not be from New England. In New England we always buy bread and milk at the sign of the slightest storm. Yup. Bread and milk. At least we won’t starve or go thirsty while we sit in the darkness…

    • Nope, from Southern California originally, but that sure explains why the tall man bought bread and milk last night on the way home even though we had plenty of both!!! Plus being a farmers market farmer that sells meat we will never starve…

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