waiting impatiently…

for the title paperwork on the new house to be done, apparently it didn’t get ordered when it should have so now we have to wait for it…

My house is packed up, i can’t really clean around the boxes and have no projects to do, since we are leaving and the Halloween costumes are all done, so in my insanity I decided to make Bucilla felt applique stockings for all!!!  Insane right?  Well after spending an evening on Amazon sorting through the options I could not find a suitable one for #3, and hit ebay for a discontinued pattern…  1 left, so I ordered it an now I am just waiting for it to arrive…

See I had a Bucilla stocking as a kid and loved it, and now that the handful and I get to do Christmas, I want to have them for my kids as well…

Wonder if I will actually be able to gt 5? 7? or 8? done before the holidays and when I will finally get to move…


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