Heirloom Clutter and design flaws

I love a clean house.  And by clean I mean one with out a lot of clutter, knick knacks and stuff.  I am a big believer in the idea that everything in your home should be there for a reason – either that you love it, it is useful, or a design element.  Unfortunately  I have never had a home like that.  You see I have inherited clutter.  No I am not talking about the kids toys and things, while those may be messy and take a lot of room, they are are useful and I ( well, the kids) want it there and with out what would they do all day?  Nope, I am talking about inherited stuff.

See when most people inherit stuff the party that has left it to them is no longer here, and that was how I got my stuff to, however my mother sees everything that my father had (yes they were divorced) as hers, and takes it as a personal affront for every item I get rid of.  She tells me how they spent years collecting those items, how much they cost and where they got them.  So I am pretty much guilted into keeping it around.  and I have, for 15 years I have held onto stuff and found places for it in my home to appease her.  But really?  Most of them are things I would never have bought.  I don’t like them, they are not my style and it’s just more stuff to clean and move.   And yes of course I am taking them all with me.  But this time I am not going to force myself to incorporate them into my decor.

Nope, I will lovingly place them and boxes and hove them in the attic safe and sound to be passed down to my kids one day as she wants them to be.  An antique highchair that I have not used for a single one of the handful ( and was never used for me) that they purchased many years ago.  A early 1900’s bouncing horse that I was not allowed to play with as a child for fear I would damage it and therefore neither have any of the handful.  Clocks and clocks and clocks that don’t work.  Random china pieces that were my great great great great? grandmothers?, dozens of wood ducks my grandfather carved, and so on.

I understand my mother and father loved antiquing, these are things they spent their lives together accumulating, but because of that I have never been able to do that same thing myself with my own partner.  I have carried my parents baggage into each new home and not had room to make new memories and a truly a home of my own.  Now I know that the Tall Man says he doesn’t care how I decorate the new place, but in order for it to feel like it is his too, he should get some say and if I put all my parents stuff everywhere, they simply isn’t room for that.

So, if I don’t see it fitting into my design or want it displayed proudly it will be stored safely for the grandchildren, now don’t get me wrong, everything is not going into storage, just the stuff I wouldn’t buy on my own or that doesn’t have a sentimental reason to be displayed.  Great grandma Tayloe’s Aunt Jemima cookie jar will always be in the china hutch and the only desk I will ever use is the roll top my father used every day of his life, but the doll collection that no one can play with much less touch?  It will be kept safe in acid free paper in storage.  I think it’s time I finally made a home I want to live in…


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