DIY: 1st project in the new house..

Well apparently the FHA does not consider a plywood subloor to be “…in a condition and location that are free of all known hazards and adverse conditions that affect the health and safety of occupants, the structural soundness of the improvements, or impair the use and enjoyment of the property.”  So guess who got to go and finish them?   Yeah Yeah I know the seller should be responsible for that, but being the genius that I am I negotiated a flooring credit into the purchase price of the new place because f the unfinished floors, only thing is I had planned on being in the home first, and doing the work myself to save some of my hard earned Moola. And we all know what happens when Man or Woman plans, God laughs…

I am sure he had a big hearty chuckle from this debacle!  See we are supposed  to close on Wednesday ( by all home buying rules, a 30 day escrw and all is standard, except here in this great yankee state, n one will actually commit to a date – lawyers and all that jazz)  and Thursday night I was informed that the unfinished rooms had to be done prior to that.  But here is the thing, the part of the house that needs the floors?  it also needs a hallway and doors and closets put in, and the logical way to do that would be to add the wall for the hallway, put in the closets and doorways, and then put in the floors, not the other way around.  But it had to be done so it was going to be.  I spent Friday morning (my busiest work day of the week as well, since Saturdays are my biggest selling days) running around trying to get this done.

Thursday night I asked if I could just paint the floors since that would be quick and easy and most importantly cheap, when I didn’t get a response I headed to Lowe’s.  The obvious choice because 1. They have 72 hour guaranteed floor installation  2. They have $97 carpet installation for as many rooms as you need. and 3. they are the only big box store within an hours drive.  Only to be told that there was a 3 week waiting list… grrr.   I looked at sheet vinyl, not the best choice for bedrooms, but whatever, and they still couldn’t be installed, I looked at sticky vinyl square and laminate floors, just to find out nothing I liked or that was at all nice looking was in stock and could be ordered to arrive within 7 days.  Well, that sucks.  I called other Lowe’s to see if they had anything in stock if I wished to make the drive and then a nice lady informed me laminate has to acclimate to your home and room for 4 – 5 days before being installed.  I hit road block after road block.  I tried our small mom and pop store to see that the pries were sky high and they were still a week out on install.  A friend finally came through and said he could lay the carpet after work one day if I bought it and picked it up, I decided to go with the only non-horrible laminate choice available at Lowe’s and screw the resting period when the lender called me back and said I could paint the floors if I followed a very specific set of instructions.  Great!  I was ecstatic  and had wasted a whole day ( goodbye going out on friday night and hello working through!)

So fast forward to this morning I took #1 with me, and the Tall Man watched the girls while the other boy was off on a pre-planned fishing date with his father.

We got to the new house to find the rooms cleared.  I got to work sweeping while #1 stirred the paint for much longer than necessarily   He cut in and I rolled the rooms, we ended up doing both rooms and the stairs in under 9 minutes, I was very impressed.  Now I just hope they don’t walk on it, or let their dogs on it, or the cats, until it dries and that the inspector is happy and we can move in…

And no this doesn’t mean the floors are finished, they should pass inspection, but they are by no means pretty, their were paint smudges on the floor, price stickers I couldn’t rip up and I’m pretty sure  I’m positive that dog hair was permanently attached to the floor with the stain.  So they will be getting redone, but after the walls and doors go up, like it should be done.  But for now they are shiny and golden, just what I’ve always wanted :p


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