Packing, oh how do I hate you…

Boxes, boxes, everywhere.  Deciding what to take and what to leave, what others may see value in and what needs to go to the dumpster.  Deciding what we can truly do with-out for a few weeks, what we can do with out for a few days, and the essentials that we truly need right on up till the big moving day or days or whatever time I am given in the end…

The handful believes everything they have ever owned, made, or touched should be brought with us, they feel their toys should be accessible till the very last minute.  And unfortunately for them, they are not the ones doing the packing, or the hauling or the heavy lifting and the box finding and the paying for the move.  If it were up to them I would be bringing ziploc baggies of driveway rocks, gravel, gems, as well as every single piece of paper they have ever brought home from school.  We would be bringing lunch boxes galore (they don’t even bring lunch to school, they have been eating school breakfast and lunches exclusively for the past 4 years, yep, I gave up on the daily lunch making battle years ago…) yet still they feel we need those lunch boxes…  I guess it’s a good thing it is not up to them!  The dumpster that usually takes 6 weeks or so to fill up is now full after just 6 days (yeah I know, how wasteful!, save the planet!, blah-blah-blah), it’s a sad crappy choice though we gotta move and we simply aren’t going to take all the stuff that has collected over the years with us.  The trash man will be happy though that I will pay him to dump it again so soon.

Moving is hard on kids, they want their stuff, #4 cried tears and tears thinking her barbies would not be coming with us, #2 has taken to carrying her stuffed piggy around with her everywhere and has decided she doesn’t want to visit her father anymore (I think she thinks we will leave with out her somehow?).  #3 has been slipping his take home papers from school into random open boxes, and #5, well, he’s a preteen middle school boy…

Out have gone bags of broken things – toys, sticks, ripped papers, torn books.  Out has gone years of paper piles of practice math assignments, and spelling sheets, and lunch menus.  Out has gone tons and tons of everyday trash that the handful had kindly stashed in the oddest places.  Yogurt cups with the duplos, straws with the barbies, cheese stick wrappers shoved behind books on the shelf ( really? the trash is 10 feet away…) and boxes have filled up with stuffed animals and dress up clothes.  Nerf guns and marbles.  Puzzles missing pieces have mysteriously disappeared along with the mostly colored coloring books, while squinkies and zhu zhu pets have found temporary homes in a fold up dollhouse and a treasure chest.

But don’t worry, the handful will make do, they will live through this temporary separation of their most prized possessions and soon they will be in their new home ( all of them, no one will be left behind, I promise) with their toys again and then they won’t even want to play with them as all kids do.


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