Pinterest Inspired: Owl costume

Woo Hoo!  3 costumes down, only 2 to go!  Well, for the Handful at least.

#5 is the cutest little owl ever, If I do say so myself.  I followed the directions from my inspirational pin for the most part, but I diverged from them towards the end and just hot glued the owl cloak to the hooded sweatshirt I got for her to wear under it so that she could “flap her wings” and added huge eyes and tufty horns as well.  Overall I  bought 2 yards of fleece for this costume (1/4 yard each brown, pink, and maroon, and 1 1/4 yard pink) @ Walmart for under $3/yard – sorry I lost the receipt already because that is just how super organized I am! and the sweatshirt which is no longer reusable since I glued the whole thing together was $11.97 @ walmart, so still under $20 bucks for this one and I evening of work – maybe an hour and a half?  The hood though I had to wait and do the next morning when she was awake to place the eyes properly.

Inspiration pin:


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