Columbus day Crepes

Whenever I am making Crepes for the Handful I feel like the fish surrounded by seagulls in Finding Nemo…

I guess, I should take it as a compliment that they love them so much! Nah, they are probably just all starving by the time I get up to make them on lazy days home from school…

Our super easy Crepe head that no one can resist

Set a cast iron skillet on the stove to heat up while you…
Blend together:
3 cups milk
4 eggs
a spoonful of sugar
a quick drizzle of oil (about 2 tbsp)

add to blender:
2 cups AP flour

Blend till combined.

Take a stick of butter and run it over the skillet till lightly coated then pour in batter to coat half the pan and swirl till pan is coated, flip, once then remove from pan and rub with butter, sprinkle on a spoonful of sugar and roll ’em up!

Hmm, it is much easier than it sounds, next time I make them I’ll take a video…


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